Linda Cusmano

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About Linda Professionally

Body Rush Personal Training & Lifestyle Consultation is the name of Linda's mobile training service. Since 1994 she has worked with a variety of individuals such as post rehab, athletes and sport specific, weight gain or loss and health risk reduction. With an abundance of motivation, Linda continues to train both in person, on contract with gyms and online. Basic programming and diet plans are also a popular online service. Linda is now one of Canada's top Personal Trainers for Competitors, Athletes, Individuals with health risk, Pre and Post surgery clients and everyone in between.

Other titles:
Fitness Champion, Bodybuilder, Fitness Writer, Fitness Model, Gymnast, Dancer, Sports Enthusiast and still adding on to the list.

Nationality: Linda was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada with a background of Italian from her fathers side (Sicilian) and Portuguese from her mothers side (Lisbon).

Birth Date: March 17th St. Patrick's Day

Birth Sign: Pisces with the Aquamarine for the Birthstone