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Carmen's Success Story

My name is Carmen Garcia and I have been a successful International fitness model for almost 3 years. Receiving countless e-mail requests on how to gain/lose weight has prompted me to share my own true story on how I gained weight, fought an eating disorder and became a successful working fit model. Struggling with an eating disorder throughout my childhood and teen years was emotionally painful. My desire to gain weight was always prominent but I just couldn?t work up a normal appetite in my growing years. Not to mention the fact that I?ve always had a fast metabolism and I?ve always been the hyperactive type.

My peers would judge me based on my underweight body and dealing with the name-calling was difficult enough as a teenager. I was very self-conscious about my weight. My parents would try to bribe me to eat and I would try to swallow my last bite with agony because I never felt hungry. Our dinner hour was always a problem when it came down to finishing my plate of food. Then I reached my late teen years and I began to notice a changing pattern in my increased appetite. So I took advantage and began to just eat whatever foods and whenever I wanted. I took every ?weight-gainer? in the market. I?d down 6 glasses of whole milk per day and just eat a bundle of food not being properly educated on sticking with lean healthy meals in order to gain lean muscle mass.
In high school, I began to eat a lot junk food and still no weight gain! This was very frustrating for a person with a high metabolism and an active lifestyle. The years rolled by and finally I began to see a little gain but it was not muscle gain. It was flab! I ended up working at a gym that summer and learned a lot from bodybuilders and trainers. I even became a certified aerobics instructor and started to lift weights. That?s how my body transformed itself. Weight lifting and eating healthy is crucial to sculpt and build areas that need it.

Asking questions to the pros and reading up on informative articles in books and magazines was also very helpful in understanding the process to gain lean mass. Education and moderation is key.T oday I am a working fitness and swimwear model traveling around the world making appearances and helping others achieve their fitness goals. I?m also a personal trainer and a motivational role model to both men and women. It took me years to finally gain lean muscle in all the right places and getting to know my body.

Finding the strength and motivation inside of me was all about discipline as well as getting the right information by other role models in the fitness industry. I believe that each and every one of us can achieve whatever goals we set and focus on. If you have an eating disorder and would like some personal advice from me, don’t hesitate to contact me.