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I am presently an IFBB Professional Figure Competitor, and I have been affiliated with Eclipse for 3 years. Since you last heard from me in the “People to Watch” segment, I have achieved several goals that I set for 2002. I won the 2002 NPC Collegiate National Figure Championships and placed 2nd in the tall class at the Team Universe. This qualified me for IFBB Professional status. This is a goal I set for myself after my first year of competition. The desire to become an IFBB Pro is something I visualized daily in my training and preparation for the Team. I have my loving training partner to thank, as he was a great motivation and inspiration to me!

I have now started my diet for my first season as a Figure Pro in 2003. The road will be a long one, but I am prepared both physically and mentally for the challenge! I plan to do all that it takes to be the very best figure competitor that I can be. 2003 will only be my third year that I have competed. I am a young competitor so I have a lot of room to improve and obtain more muscle maturity. This comes from years of consistent, hard training. It is also a learning experience. A competitor must be in tune with their bodies, and find out what it is they respond best to. During my first year of competition I was caught in a small dilemma. I did not know if I wanted to pursue bodybuilding or figure. I am 5’10, so I would have to put on a lot of muscle to compete as a bodybuilder. This was more than what I wanted to add to my frame. Don’t get me wrong, I love female bodybuilding! I am truly inspired by those like Beth Roberts, another Eclipse Professional. But I decided for me, figure was the division I would pursue.

I am hoping for an invite to the Arnold Classic this spring. This will be the very first professional Figure show. This would be a dream come true for me! I have attended the Classic for the past 3 years, and this show is truly the epitome of fitness! If this doesn’t materialize, you can still bet that you can see me in top form and ready to compete at the other scheduled Pro Figure shows for 2003. In my preparation for the 2003 season, I will continue to use Eclipse supplements. I recommend them to women who just want quality supplements in addition to a sound nutritional program. I also highly recommend them to any aspiring Figure or Fitness competitors.

My supplement and nutrition programs are currently like this: I eat 6-7 x/day. Lean beef 1x/day, otherwise chicken breasts, turkey breasts, egg whites, tuna, and Deluxe Whey Isolate. After lunch, I focus on leaner sources of the above protein items. I also take in complex carbohydrates up until noon. These are my choices: Yams, rice, oatmeal, or sweet potatoes. After noon I take in more fibrous non-starchy carbohydrates with my leaner protein sources. I get the majority of my fats from flax seed oil and olive oil. I take 3-4 Deluxe Amino 2020 with each meal. I use Deluxe BCAA during workouts and on an empty stomach. I also take the BCAAs with lots of water when I am still hungry, even though I just ate!! I start my day off with the Women’s Peak Fitness Pack, or the Complex 24 multi-vitamin. I take 1 tablespoon of creatine and glutamine daily. The glutamine is very helpful with my recovery! When dieting I take Eclipse’s Thermogenix, this is to assist in revving up my metabolism. I take 2-3, 3x/day. One key supplement I cannot stress enough is WATER!!! I drink at least 1-1.5 gallons a day. This is essential in any diet.

My training is in a transitional period right now. I go according to when I can fit it around my little five year old, school, work, and sometimes I may require more recovery time. I basically train 3-4 days a week. I believe in quality, not quantity. You do not have to spend hours in the gym to achieve your goals. I am currently training chest/triceps, back/biceps, legs, shoulders. I sometimes have to combine my shoulder workouts with legs or chest due to my schedule. I train abdominals 2-3 times a week. I usually train at 6-10 repetitions. I then go to 10-15 and 15-25, as I progressively get leaner, but I still lift as heavy as possible. I think a lot of girls/guys just “pump” when they take on a higher repetition program. This is a mistake. Girls are often afraid of moving any kind of weight. From my experience, you have to lift hard and substantial weight to make gains. I recommend lowering the weights to protect joints, ligaments and tendons as you reach contest shape, but make those reps a scorching/foul mouth journey, if you know what I mean! My favorite body part to train is legs. Look for one of my workouts in a future issue of BodyTalk. In closing, I would like to sincerely thank Bob O’Leary and Jim Rainey for their support! Eclipse has been a big part of my journey to where I am now. Check out my website at www.jaime-ramsey.com.