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Hi! Like my new look? Yeah, I am still into lifting but I’ve changed my lifestyle to be more aggressive and attack the weights - it’s more fun! You mean you don’t know who I am? Well, then to completely honest, if you don't recognize my face then you haven't been looking at any bodybuilding magazines because if you’re a fan of women’s bodybuilding then you know who I am. I was always featured in all the popular magazines, including FLEX, MuscleMag International, Ironman, Muscular Development, NPC News, Body's magazine (Italian publication), B&K Sport (Swedish Publication), Steel Jungle, Women's Physique World, Oxygen (as a writer), Powerhouse magazine, Body Talk, Natural Bodybuilding & Fitnes magazine, Great Lakes Fitness Guide, and many more.

I have been a competitive bodybuilder for over a decade, and, over the years, I have been in someway or another part of the Bodybuilding community. My first contest was a victory at the 1988 NPC Boulder B.B. championships. My biggest victory in the sport was winning the 1998 NPC Southern States Heavyweights and overall. The Southern States is one of the Top NPC regional shows here in the US. After winning the Southern States, I went on to post my best placing ever in an International show with a 3rd place in the heavyweights at the 98’ IFBB North American. I’m not prepping for the stage anymore but I am into powerlifting now doing sanctioned bench press meets.

I competed in the IPA sub-masters 148-pound class. At my first meet I opened up with 190 - got it! Then my 2nd attempt was an easy 200 - done. The 3rd and last attempt an easy 215 - got it! The 148 sub-masters IPA World record. This will change and get higher, as my sights are set on 300 plus while still in the 148 class. I'm weighing in at around 155 before meet weigh ins, and can still Dumbbell Row 120's for reps (working up the rack), Dumbbell curl 45 - 50’s for reps, Incline Dumbbell presses with 70's, and leg press over 1,000 for reps for reps!

Every time I do a meet I’ll post my lifts for you to see, and I’ll throw in some training pics too. I am training right now for an IPA meet this October. And for those that are PRO women bodybuilders please check out my column “Muscle Update” at where I voice my opinions and other muscle girl’s opinions out loud for all to hear.
Organizations and Competition class: I currently compete in the 148 class and have done United States Powerlifting Federation (USPF) and International Powerlifitng Association (IPA) meets.

Affiliations: I am a member of the Freaks of Iron bench press club (this is my own club), and The Metal Malitia.
Objectives: I want to break as many records as possible in the IPA and USPF Open World Records before I leave and become a Pro in the IPA. To be remembered as one of the best 148ers of all time.

Yours in Muscle & Power,