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Over the past few years, the sport of natural bodybuilding has be-come increasingly scientific. The proper training, supplementation, and nutrition programs are crucial. Research into these areas has allowed natural bodybuilders to make gains that were once not thought possible.

The act of weight training tells our bodies to utilize specific metabolic pathways, which regulates the type of metabolic substrate used for energy. This in turn sets up the body for the optimal time to consume nutrients. This is what is referred to as the post workout anabolic response (PWAR). This one-hour window after your workout may be the most important aspect of any bodybuilding nutrition program. Research has shown that post workout ingestion of carbs and protein can be more anabolic and result in the greatest release of certain anabolic hormones.1 Therefore the timing of meals and the macro nutrient ratio of these meals can influence the hormonal environment and enhance muscle growth. The Eclipse Shake is designed to take advantage of this window and allow you to reach your full natural bodybuilding potential. The Shake, at a 60-40 ratio of carbs to protein is the ideal post workout supplement. Eclipse offers The Shake in chocolate, vanilla, orange cream and strawberry. Also keep in mind that this is only one way to utilize The Shake. For instance, if you were trying to bulk up you could consume a shake in the morning, afternoon and then post workout. Most importantly, don’t neglect to take advantage of the post workout window or your opportunity for muscle growth may just pass you by.

1. Chandler RM, 1994. “Dietary supplements affect the anabolic hormones after weighting exercise” J Appl Physiol. Feb.;76(2):p. 839-845.

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