For the dedicated athlete, research confirms HMB & Creatine are simply the best. A recently published study shows these two most powerful supplements have an additive effect.1
1. Jowko et al., Nutrition. 17: 558-566. 2001



Creatine Monohydrate

Code 0022 - Think all creatine is the same? It’s just not so anymore. Some greedy companies are using less pure sources and flooding the market with inferior, ineffective creatine. Eclipse creatine is manufactured by Pfanstiehl Labs. Pfanstiehl creatine is manufactured in the United States, which means regular FDA inspections. They manufacture creatine under patent 5,719,319 and are the only producer of creatine that has registered a drug master file on creatine with the FDA. Pfanstiehl creatine is kosher certified and they utilize state of the art HPLC analysis. This analysis coincides with their zero tolerance for impurities and by-products. All finished products are temperature and humidity controlled and produced using a double pass, reverse osmosis high purity water system (the production of creatine is water intensive - impure water yields impure creatine). Is this all a lot of trouble? Well, yes. Is it expensive? Sure. But we feel the satisfaction our customers get from our creatine makes it all worth while. Once a customer tries our creatine they never go back. We package our creatine in two convenient sizes 400 grams (one month supply) and 1 kilo (3 month supply).

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1 Kilo - $44.95

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