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Code 0055 - HMB or Beta-hydroxy-metylbutyrate is produced in the body from proteins containing the amino acid Leucine. HMB’s effects on muscle metabolism were discovered and patented by scientists at Iowa State University and Vanderbilt University. HMB may increase the strengthening effects of exercise by minimizing the muscle tissue breakdown that occurs after strenuous activity. This enables the body to speed up the muscle building process and gain significantly more strength. Sold under U.S. Patent # 5,348,979.

750mg (Triple Potency)
120 Capsules (one-month supply) $59.95
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120 Capsules $59.95

Clinical research shows HMB is a safe, effective way for the casual athlete to maximize the health benefits of exercise.1
1. Nisser et al., J. Nutr. 130: 1937-1945. 2000

For the dedicated athlete, research confirms HMB & Creatine are simply the best. A recently published study shows these two most powerful supplements have an additive effect.1
1. Jowko et al., Nutrition. 17: 558-566. 2001