HUMATROPIL p.o. with R.E.M.

0090 - HUMATROPIL p.o. with R.E.M. blend is a potent nighttime anabolic designed to promote relaxation, HGh, and IGF-1. The R.E.M. blend contains standardized extracts of kava kava, valerian root, and passion flower, which are intended to promote relaxation and provide a natural alternative to illegal GBL derivatives. Mucuna Puriens contains a natural form of L-Dopa for the promotion of HGh levels. The Bovine Colostrum (Immunolin HD™) contains 40% Immunoglobulins and Growth Factors for the promotion of IGF-1 levels. HUMATROPIL p.o. also contains SUMABOLIN™, a 68% 20-EDC, which provides the highest concentration of 20-hydroxyecdysterone in the sport nutrition industry. The final ingredient is the patented delivery system Bioperine(™that has been included in order to ensure optimum bioavailability.

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90 Capsules - $39.95