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Deluxe LipoDize
Non Stimulant Appetite Regulation & Thermogenesis

Code 0046 Eclipse is proud to introduce LipoDize a revolutionary non-stimulant dietary supplement that provides the body with a unique blend of minerals, phosphates, and herbs in order to help promote metabolic functions associated with fatty acid oxidation. LipoDize is the first supplement to utilize SIMM™ (Simmondson). This unique herb derived from the jojoba fruit has been shown in animal studies to be a potent appetite regulator. LipoDize also utilizes the powerful herbal combination of Ashwagandha and Gum Gugul extract in order to promote thyroid production for the stimulation of metabolic rate. Another crucial component of metabolic rate during low calorie intake is the supplementation of phosphate. LipoDize utilizes Calcium, Potassium, and Sodium Phosphate in order to stimulate thyroid production during low calorie intake. The final combination of capsaicin, ginger, and allyl-garlic extract has been shown in animal and human studies to promote thermogenesis coupled with enhanced carbohydrate and fatty acid oxidation. In other words, LipoDize is sure to give you that extra edge needed to breakthrough any fat loss plateau. LipoDize is definitely the new smackdown supplement of sports nutrition industry. If your interested in losing fat weight than LipoDize is for you!!!!

120 Capsules $22.95
Buy 2 and Pay Just $16.00 Each!

120 Capsules $22.95
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