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Deluxe Whey Isolate
The Best Tasting Whey Isolate... Gauranteed!

$ale! 2lb. Chocolate or Vanilla - $24.95

Code 0950 - Deluxe Whey, new & improved, a superior protein powder developed for athletes and bodybuilders usage. The primary purpose is to supply the body with a biologically superior amino acid configuration for muscle growth. We used exclusively Ion Exchanged Whey Protein for this product. Please read ingredient labels carefully when comparing this superior protein to others. Most other Ion exchanged proteins only contain a small fraction of Ion Exchanged Whey. They primarily use a cheaper whey, whey concentrate, as their primary ingredient. Some even use "Whey" as an ingredient. Unprocessed whey is barely 50% protein and has a poor usability and ineffective absorption. We dropped the acesulfame-K and stevia for the new great tasting sweetener sucralose. Sucralose is a non-nutritive, high intensity sweetener made from a process that begins with natural sugar. Now what we haven't changed is the ultra filtered ion-exchange whey isolate, the purest form of whey isolate with the highest possible protein score of 1.00 or 100% as noted by the PDCAAS. The PDCAAS is the most accurate measure of protein quality and utilization. Our whey isolate contains 90% pure protein with less than 1% from fat, lactose and carbohydrates.


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